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This is an argument material to the question in hand. I've been able to read since I was six years old. Lyndon isn't the kind of guy who gives up easily.

Please close the door because its cold. I have a lot of friends in Boston. Toft must've been here earlier. You won't need an umbrella today. He was eager to return to school in September.

I appreciate you looking out for me. You've run into some trouble or something? This rite is part of their religion. Who could've done that? The things he says are not the least bit important.

You can go out, as long as you promise to be back by 11 o'clock. That's a ridiculous idea. She has a son everybody loves. Steven dropped his cup and broke it. Adrian is a patient man. Men first visited the moon in 1969. Her unexpected visit got him all worked up.

He entered the army.

The apple appeased my hunger temporarily. This morning Ravi said his sister was still sick in bed. The red light has gone off. We sugar our tea. I might not understand much of the information on Japanese sites, but I don't feel as uncomfortable as many other people who get there for their first time. I was not mistaken: the old man did not refuse the glass he was offered. I called Ilya to thank him.

How many years has it been since I last saw you? My washing machine broke. My mother warned me not to marry you. I like to swim. How do you spend your time? Dieter wanted to become a veterinarian. Thirty years ago, the clock was struck by lightning. Oh, please call me Angela.

You know that your English is good when people stop complimenting you on how good your English is. Ronni is quite good at French, isn't he? Jay was huge. I think I know what happened to Trevor. Twelve years old is old for a dog.

There was no appreciable quantity of mercury found in the fish. You can't buy respect. English is a language spoken all over the world. Nobody knew that Kathryn was the person who contributed most of the money. Are you related? Kelly isn't a vegetarian. I don't recall. The garden is still in shadow.

His extensive knowledge of music was a revelation to us. Sho has trouble staying awake in class. I wish I'd known that Jeremy couldn't speak French. These shoes belong to me. Every man must eat and drink. Wayne felt responsible for Naresh's accident. Can't we wait until tomorrow to do this? By seeing an elephant's tusk you know it is larger than a bull; by seeing a tiger's tail you know it is larger than a fox; by seeing one thing, you know many of them.

There's clearly something wrong. He is too much superior to those about him to be quickly understood. Jacobson has a piano. I want to have a sword!

Earl told Randall he wouldn't do it again. The server is lagging again. Charleen still looks tired. Ramesh put on a pair of sunglasses. I stayed there until he had left. I'm standing right here. You and Dewey belong together. I didn't have a bad time either. I just want this to never happen again.

It's time to take a bath. Hitoshi won the lottery, but went bankrupt a year later. Is it true that you weren't here yesterday? No prisoners were taken. Who'd want to hire you? I saw him go inside. Can we trust him?

He's a tenacious guy who always manages to come out on top. He's the kind of guy who can turn any situation to his advantage. You know we'd never hurt you. Stop. I'm bleeding. We've got one hour to find her. What's Jeffie's excuse?

It was very daring of you to say that. The campaign was successful and she won the election.

She loves squirrels.